*This program does not fall within the ACCSC institutional accreditation.

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RE 101 Principles and Practices of Real Estate
As an introduction to the study of real estate, this course provides a background of knowledge of those aspiring to a real estate career, serves to build a foundation of the GRI course series and professional designations and stresses the basics in a logical and understandable fashion. The place of the salesman and/or broker in our free enterprise system is presented along with listing, selling, advertising, real estate mathematics, legal descriptions and land quantity, contracts from listing to closing the real estate transaction, financing, appraising, ethical behavior and terminology. The Ohio Real Estate License Law is studied in detail.

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RE 103 Real Estate Finance
Certain segments of the broad field of finance introduce the student to information concerning the institutions, methods, instruments, and procedures involved in the financing of real estate. Topics include mortgagor's and mortgage's rights and obligations; leases and their finances; insured and uninsured mortgages, the suppliers of finance for residential, commercial, industrial and farm properties, the role of the federal government in real estate financing; the mortgage market and the changing concepts in finance.

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RE 102 Real Estate Law
This course presents the basic legal framework for the complex subject matter of real estate. Areas covered include ownership rights in real estate, property, easements, liens (both voluntary and involuntary), property transfer, contract deed, landlord and tenant, wills and interstate succession and the rightful place of real estate license in such legal environments. Civil rights laws (state and federal), open housing practices and land use are emphasized.

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RE 104 Real Estate Appraisal
This course presents the appraisal process as an orderly program by which the problem is planned, needed data are acquired, classified, analyzed, interpreted, and a final estimate of defined value results. The assignment of a term project provides field experience appraisal process.

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Class Dates, Hours and Info

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*This program does not fall within the ACCSC institutional accreditation.

Class Schedule and Cost
Real Estate Principles & Practices, 40 hours and Real Estate Law 40 hours will be conducted 4 weekends per class, Real Estate Appraisal - 20 hours, and Finance 20 hours, 2 weekends each. Each class takes place on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You need to complete all four classes to sit for the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson License exam. 

Class Dates, Hours and Info
Registration & Contract Form Class Dates Price* Registration Deadline
Form Real Estate Law January 4, 5 & 11, 12 & 18, 19 & 25, 26, 2020 $ 387.91 Dec 20, 2019
Form Real Estate Principles
& Practices
Febuary 1, 2 & 8, 9 & 15, 16 & 22, 23, 2020 $ 367.21 January 24, 2020
Form Real Estate Appraisal February 29, March 1 & 7, 8, 2020 $ 255.01 February 14, 2020
Form Real Estate Finance March 14, 15 & 21, 22, 2020 $ 260.36 March 2, 2020

Saturday & Sunday
Jan 27-31, Feb 3-7,10-14,17-21,24,28 2020

Feb 8-9 & 22-23
$ 1250.00 January 13,2020