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Eligibility to Take the GED Test
Applicant must be officially withdrawn from elementary or secondary school and be 19 years of age or older. (There are a few exceptions.) Please call 330-847-0503 x 1611 to register.
Benefits of Earning a GED Diploma
  • Get a better Job. Most jobs require a high school diploma. A GED Diploma is accepted by employers just like a high-school diploma.

  • Continue your Education. A GED Diploma is accepted at most colleges and universities across the country as proof that you completed your high school education.

  • Feel Better About Yourself.  By earning their diplomas, many GED  graduates say they experience improvement in how they feel about themselves and their lives.

  • Increase Your Income. Incomes increase with a person's level of education. A better job usually means better job satisfaction and pay.

  • Invest in the Future. Educated parents have better educated children. Earning a GED Diploma is an investment in your children's future as well as your own.

Students Pay Nothing for Instruction
The rationale behind restrictions against charging tuition or fees for materials is that adults who need basic education the most can least afford to pay.